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Introduction of Academic Society We welcome the members of the Korean Association for Play Therapy and the visitors to homepage.

Since the foundation in 1997, the Korean Association for Play Therapy has produced many play-therapy specialists in the meantime while continuing to strive for the academic development in play therapy and for the play-therapy specialist education, thereby playing a pivotal role in a child counseling field, and additionally was approved as the education-offer academy authorized by APT(Association for Play Therapy) in America.

Play therapy is the approach of the most dynamic child consultation that allows children to completely experience the world. Having a relationship with an expert leads to being available for solving problems that children are facing, and for giving a help to the optimal development and adaptation.

The Korean Association for Play Therapy emerged as the excellent academic society both nominally and virtually while 'a journal for the Korean Association for Play Therapy' became the one that was registered in the academic foundation in 2015. It further strives now for the education and a support for the development in play-therapy specialists' competence and are making diverse approaches for the academic progress in play therapy such as publishing academic journal, opening symposium, issuing a book related to play therapy, and an international exchange. Even through an exchange with a related study and through a research, the focus is being put on strengthening professionalism and representative-ness in the Korean Association for Play Therapy. In addition, a practical contribution is being made to forming society in which children are healthy and happy.